SugarCRM 7 Record View

I’ve spent some time working on the newish Sugar 7, and don’t intend to review it any detail. There is one very small change that I don’t like, and that is to do with module views in Studio.

In earlier versions you could have a Detail View to display a record, and a separate Edit View to all creation and editing of records. These have been replaced by a single Record View.

This seems a backwards step. In many cases there are details that you want to show users, but not allow them to edit. An example might be sales figures that are updated by an integration process. Users should never be able to amend these, so in the past they would be just left off the Edit View. They would be included in the Detail View as they are potentially useful.

I can’t find anywhere a discuss on why this change was needed, and to me it seems a backwards step. I’m aware of the fact that people inherently don’t want change, so is this me just rebelling to something that has changed?

I would appreciate all any feedback.